It’s here…it’s here…it’s here…it’s here…© Com Sense

What up y’all?

I waded into the blogosphere a few years ago on my MySpace page, but now it’s time that I go ahead and cannonball myself into the deep end. So welcome to The Audacity of Dope, which will hopefully serve as a representation of all things I consider noteworthy going on in my life and the world at large. Here, you’ll be able to stay up to date on everything I’m doing in my DJ’ing career as “DJ Hyphen,” including my weekly radio shows on Seattle’s KUBE 93.3 FM, my interviews with some of the dopest musicians on the planet, and my Beats, Rhymes, and Life mixtape series. This site will begin as a blog, but it’ll soon double as an archive for everything I’ve worked on in the music industry. Bare with me though, this is my first site after all.

Also, while I’ve seen some other music related blogs receive criticism for occasionally veering off topic, I’m looking forward to using TAOD to speak my mind on whatever comes up. Part of the beauty of the internet (at least in this country) is that we’re all free to publish our ideas, and this is going to be my own little soapbox. So bookmark or subscribe to the page and get to know your friendly neighborhood Hyphen. Aight?

[Hov] Let’s get the proceedings proceeding this evening [/Hov]

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  1. lar says:

    cheers, hyphen. you’ve just used the word “blogosphere”!

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