Sample Vault – Rene Costy

I’ve always been a sample fiend. Not for any deep reason, I just think it’s dope to hear how producers flip music from various genres into hot hip-hop beats. Plus, much of the music that gets sampled has about 34290823942839342x the soul and emotion that contemporary music has (I’m looking at you T-Pain). Right now, my comp has a few thousand original samples on it, so I figured I’d share some every now and then. Nothing necessarily super rare, just some good ish. Between these entries and sites like Kevin Nottingham‘s excellent blog & Meka’s “Soul Mix Show” posts over at the Dopehouse, the internet is a sample fiend’s paradise.

Conversely, it’s a producer’s nightmare. So rather than put beatmakers on blast (“you’re VIOLATIN’, straight up and down” – Premier) and help lazy lawyers using Google to track down uncleared samples, I won’t exactly name names. You should know ’em all anyway. If not, you must learn. First up:

Eff The Police

Rene Costy – “Scrabble”

You heard us, SPD.

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