Need an Obama sticker?

Obumpa Sticker

Big shout to Mama Hyphen for giving me the heads up on this one. If you’re in need of an Obama sticker, is sending them out for free to help us get Barack in office this year. All you have to do is go here, enter basic info, and they’ll send one out to you with the quickness. If you need more than one, you can give a small donation and get a bunch. If you’d prefer to instead donate directly to Barack Obama’s campaign, you can always do that through his official website, right here.

Remember, Barack does not take money from PAC’s or lobbyists, so his entire campaign has been funded through people like you and me. Even if you can only donate a little (like I did), it can still make a difference. Plus, they usually have matching donations. If you chip in $10, someone else has already pledged to match that. Your $10 just became $20…and you helped move this country in the right direction. If times are rough enough that you can’t spare any, no worries, just grab a sticker and help spread the word. The Hyphmobile has 2 in the back window right now, so join the club…

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