RIP George Carlin

Damn, right after Tim Russert passes, we lose another great figure in the media world.  One of the greatest comedians of all time, George Carlin, died on Sunday night due to heart failure.  He was an inspiration to virtually every contemporary comedian we have today and the world just got a lot less funny after his passing.  Here’s one of my favorite bits of his, the classic “baseball vs. football” routine:

Greatness. Back in college, I was lucky enough to take a course called “History of Laughter,” taught by the illustrious Barry Sanders (no, not that one…this one).  He focused a lot of the class around his experiences growing up and idolizing one of Carlin’s heroes, Lenny Bruce.  Anyone who understands the importance of laughter to the human condition knows how impactful Bruce and Carlin were to both comedy and popular culture.  True geniuses.  RIP George.

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