Unite For Change!

Yesterday, Barack and Hillary finally made their first campaign appearance together to help unite the party.  In the aptly named town of Unity, New Hampshire, they talked about the importance of coming together to make sure that Barack gets in the White House.  This election is simply too important to let any petty differences get between us.  It’s good to see that Clinton’s supporters are rallying behind Obama, and with everyone on the same page, we’re going to dominate come November.

Today is the day for those “Unite For Change” house parties I told y’all about last week.  Hopefully you’re attending one in your area (last minute Seattle people can email me to find one ASAP), but if not, you can still get involved.  We have about 4 months left and every little bit you can do helps immensely.  Even if that’s just talking to your friends and family to make sure everyone is informed and registered to vote, that’s great.  Let’s do this.

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