Top 10 Goals at Euro 2008

I’m a little ashamed that as big of a sports fan as I am, I managed to go the entire Euro 2008 soccer tournament without mentioning it in a single entry. It’s even more blasphemous because I watched pretty much every game and saw every goal. When you’re a Western European mutt like me, Euro is great because you can root for a handful of teams. My English side couldn’t cheer since they choked in qualifying, but I could claim allegiance to Italy, Sweden, France, and the eventual champion, Spain. Still waiting for my Maltese homies to qualify for a major tournament…ok…I’d be happy if they could win a single game. Actually, maybe I should go try out for them…

Anyway, I won’t bore you with all my thoughts on the tournament, but basically, it was great. If you missed it, here’s a good mix of someone’s top 10 goals, and I agree with most of ’em:

(if you weren’t sick of this song already, you will be now)

Top 10 Goals @ Euro 2008:

  1. Robin van Persie finishing off a brilliant Dutch maneuver
  2. Daniel Guiza staying onside and clinically scoring off Cesc Fabregas’ dime
  3. Lukas Podolski cleaning up some sloppy German play with a sweet volley
  4. Arjen Robben drilling home a stunner from an impossible angle
  5. Nihat Kahveci kissing the underside of the bar to cap Turkey’s stunning comeback
  6. Philipp Lahm opening up his body to send the keeper the wrong direction & win the game
  7. Wesley Sneijder poking home a one time effort to complete a “total football” goal
  8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic audaciously scoring far post with the wrong foot from that angle
  9. Wesley Sneijder scoring my favorite goal of the tourney with a long range bomb
  10. Michael Ballack blasting a free kick that continues to rise all the way to the top right corner

Off the top of my head, the only one I would have included that they left out was Andrei Arshavin‘s goal against Sweden. That was end to end brilliance. Funny that Spain only has one representative on the list, but their goals weren’t necessarily that amazing. They just played the best football over the course of the tournament, hands down. Good stuff.

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