Gordon Gartrell Radio – Episode 5


Yes y’all, another excellent podcast from Tay and Brainchild for Gordon Gartrell Radio.  Dope music and hilarious hosting, you know what it is.  Here’s the playlist and download link for GGR Episode 5:

  1. Thomas Fehlmann “Interstellar”
  2. Che Grand “Swing”
  3. The Roots “Criminal” (feat. Saigon & Truck North)
  4. Slum Village “Call Me” (feat. Dwele)
  5. Symbolyc 1 (aka S1) “Mash” (feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Kay)
  6. Erykah Badu “Soldier”
  7. Ryan Leslie “Diamond Girl” (Sir OJ Remix)
  8. Gangstarr “Zonin” (Instrumental)
  9. A Tribe Called Quest “Rock Rock Y’all” (Instrumental)
  10. Little Brother “Nighttime Maneuvers” (Instrumental)
  11. Mos Def “Speed Law” (Instrumental)
  12. Tek 9 “Gettin’ Down Again” (feat. Manifest & Cheewa)
  13. Group Home “Up Against The Wall”
  14. J Dilla “On You”
  15. Ugene Latumeten & Krewcial “#12″
  16. Zo! & Tigallo “Human”
  17. De La Soul “Copa Cabanga” (Instrumental)
  18. Bahamadia “I Confess” (Roots Remix Instrumental)
  19. INI “Grown Man Sport” (Instrumental)
  20. Jazzy Jeff “For The Love Of The Game” (Instrumental)
  21. Cassie “Me & U” (1 O.A.K. Remix)

Download here.

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