Thaaaaaat’s a touchy subject

(LOL @ the look at 0:49)

It’s not even really funny because of the logical age/Viagra connection, but instead, it’s hilarious to watch “the Straight Talk Express” constantly veer off the tracks.  It’s been an awful week for McCain, and this little incident aboard his bus didn’t help matters.  If heath insurance companies are covering Viagra, it’s most certainly wrong that they won’t cover birth control.  Too bad he voted against that.  Of all the issues to get stumped on, you could not have picked a more awkward topic for McLame.

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4 Responses to “Thaaaaaat’s a touchy subject”

  1. mack says:

    haaaaa!!! stumped…

  2. nabs says:

    wow… that was uncomfortable as shit

  3. Benny says:

    No doubt…I was uncomfortable watchin him be uncomfortable. What a d-bag though!!!

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