The beat is still wack, but I didn’t see this coming

That’s wild, and easily the dopest thing related to this beat.  I’m still not feeling it and all the oversaturation with various “freestyles” definitely didn’t help.  On a related note, I’m sure Busta’s “I Got Bass” will be labeled one of the bangers of the summer, but that beat’s wack too.  Sue me.  I will give Bangladesh props for flipping this random obscure sample though.

Swiped from FWMJ.

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3 Responses to “The beat is still wack, but I didn’t see this coming”

  1. druuuu says:

    best part is at 00:16 where they edit “shit” w/ “sh*t” ONLY TO USE “shit” later on in the sentence.

  2. Hyphen says:

    damn, I didn’t even notice that. hip-hop strikes again

  3. Gedi says:

    Not feeling the beat either. Busta Rhymes new shit has been decent, but nothing really incredible.

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