Wyclef Jean on Sound Session (again!)

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The same day that Kardinal Offishall came through the Sound Session studios, Wyclef Jean stopped by for his second appearance on the show.  If you missed the first interview, you can find it on our podcast page right here.  Since we discussed his recent album, Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant, last time, we got to have a much more in depth convo with Clef during this interview.

Some people have criticized his recent hip-hop work and his forays into pop, but Clef will always be one of my favorite artists.  Without exaggeration, I’d rank both the original Carnival and the Fugees’ The Score in my top 5 albums of all time, and maybe even higher.  Perhaps I’m in the minority there, but any way you slice it, they’re classics.  Plus, he was my very first interview back in 2000 when he headlined the MTV Campus Invasion tour during my college radio days (KSPC what up!).  Dude was cool as hell then, and it’s the same today.

In this interview, Clef told us some stories behind his favorite songs from the past, why the Fugees reunion failed, what it’ll take to make it happen, how he’s seen the industry change over the years, how his music reaches around the world, his charity work, politics, and much more.  Plus, just like last time, he wouldn’t leave without dropping a little freestyle for us.  Though I must say, he was the one who wanted to use “A Milli.”  Lord knows it’s been rapped over enough, especially since it’s not even a great beat…at all…but I digress.

You can either watch the interview above (not recommended, since the audio is sketchy), or listen to the broadcast feed below (mixed in with beats & songs).  I’d check the mp3 if I were you:

Wyclef Jean on Sound Session #02 – http://www.mediafire.com/?akv85dmyfbp
(back up / streaming link – http://www.zshare.net/audio/16860037c2b69ad0/ )

I also tossed in some footage of Clef recording the freestyle at the end of the interview video.  If you just want to watch that part or download the song, here you go:

Wyclef Jean – “A Milli Freestyle (Sound Session Exclusive)”

Caribbean swagger…big up to Clef.

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