It’s not an isolated incident

Spanish Tennis team

Move over Pau Gasol, the 2008 Federation Cup Spanish Tennis team now has their own racist controversy. Gawker posted up this picture, apparently hosted on the official Spanish Tennis Federation’s site right here. I assume that link will be taken down shortly, but perhaps they’ll leave it up and try to defend this one too.

“Some of my best friends in Toronto are from China” – Jose Calderon (actual quote)

Oh, well in thaaaaaaaat case.

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  1. hueythenewt says:

    One of my favorite jokes is from this comedian, i dont know his name, but he’s asian. anyway, he did this joke where he pushes the skin around his eyes forward as to mock people of a non-asian decent who mock people of asian decent (by pulling the skin around their ees back). i didn’t think it was the funniest thing i’d ever seen, but it was definately great.

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