Elzhi talks about some of his classics

I always love hearing behind the scenes stories about songs, especially when they involve my favorite living MC (RIP Big L), Elzhi. MichiganHipHop.com linked up with El and had him recount some of his classic material, including “Come and Get It,” “Reunion,” “Boomerang Slang,” “Scattered Pictures,” “Hiding Place,” “Motown 25,” “Guessing Game,” “Love It Here,” and “Colors.”

If you haven’t already, cop The Preface!  Seattle people: remember that El and Black Milk will be coming to town next week for the Redbull Big Tune.  I’ll post up the schedule of events in a few days for y’all…

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  1. Praverb says:

    Elzhi is a beast….thanks for this Hyphen

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