Gordon Gartrell Radio – Episode 9


Honestly, I’m amazed Phonte and Brainchild have time for these excellent podcasts.  I always feel like I’m incredibly busy and constantly have projects to finish, but I know these guys do as well.  The fact that they do all their work and put out these episodes of GGR so often shows you how much they love the music.

The interview I recorded with Tay at Rock The Bells will be coming soon…as soon as I get a minute to put it online!  In the meantime, enjoy GGR #9, where he even speaks on the concert in the intro:

The Birth Control Edition

In this week’s edition, Phonte discusses the trials and tribulations of parenthood and explains why you really don’t wanna know how many sexual partners your s/o has had.

  1. Pete Rock “Don’t Be Mad”
  2. Sleepy’s Theme “Choked Out Saturday Night”
  3. Outkast “Elevators (Me & You)”
  4. digital underground “Oregano Flow” (Gumbo Soup Mix)
  5. Be Rezell “Blowed Away”
  6. Timbaland & Magoo “Written Rhymes”
  7. Jodeci “Can We Flo?”
  8. Brentford All-Stars “Greedy G”
  9. Alan Hawkshaw “Mile High Swinger”
  10. Sly & The Family Stone “Positive”
  11. The Rimshots “Harvey Wallbanger”
  12. The JB’s “Hot Pants Roads”
  13. Maceo & The Macks “Cross The Track (We Better Go Back)”
  14. Kool & The Gang “Funky Stuff”
  15. Illa J “We Here”
  16. Coultrain “Green”
  17. Hueston Independent Spit District “No More”
  18. Owusu & Hannibal “Delirium” (Up Hygh Remix)
  19. DJ Quik “Down Down Down”
  20. Shonie “Come & Get It”
  21. Platonic “877″
  22. Theo Parrish “The Rink”
  23. Samon Kawamura “You Are The Only One”
  24. The Randy Watson Experience “Knocking At Your Door”
  25. The Foreign Exchange “Daykeeper”

Download here.

And yes, The Audacity of Dope is my blog Tay!  hahahah.  A pensive Phonte at RTB, Washington:

Tay at RTB

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