If you can’t use the internet, you can’t be president

It’s 2008!  Seriously!  I don’t care what your views or policies might be…you could agree with me 100%…but if you can’t use the most vital technological invention of our time, you are not fit to lead the free world.  I’ve heard some Republicans try to say this is a meaningless issue, but it really isn’t.  If you don’t understand how the world conducts business, how people communicate, and how students learn, how can you expect to lead us to the future?  You can’t.  You’ll end up keeping us in the same place and as the rest of the world progresses, we’ll be left further and further behind in every aspect of our society.

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8 Responses to “If you can’t use the internet, you can’t be president”

  1. djnphared says:

    This is getting really scary, like really, I’m building a bunker.

  2. Hyphen says:

    if we lose, i’m just fleeing the country. won’t happen though, let’s do this!

  3. Fivefold says:

    Just in case…
    You’re always welcome down here!

  4. C.A.S.H. says:

    Yeah….I have faith that once we get to these debates…the truth will be crystal clear…Obama for prez!!!

  5. deek says:

    He can’t use a keyboard because he was injured in the war…real cool. Plus…this is irrelevant…Do you think POUS use e-mail anyways? Dolts. Also, Obummer has been avoiding town hall meetings against JM all cycle long…everytime he talks he loses points, if you think the debate are going to help him then you really have no clue.

  6. Hyphen says:


    First off, I respect your bravery for coming on a hip-hop blog, especially this one, and supporting your candidate. That’s dope. However, I think you’re just wrong on everything you said right there. I’ll break em down:

    1) He can’t raise his arms over his head because of his war injuries, but that has NOTHING to do with his inability to use a computer. He is physically capable of typing man, and it’s laughable that you think that’s the reason why he’s computer illiterate. So you’re 0-1 there.

    2) It’s not irrelevant, for the reasons I stated above in the original post. Feel free to re-read it and I welcome your response to my reasoning.

    3) Yes, presidents use email. As does everyone in their staff. It’s a fundamental part of communicating in the world today…[you] dolt [/you].

    4) Obama declined the “town hall” style meetings for months because there was no need to do them. He was out performing McCain in every possible poll and McCain couldn’t even draw a crowd to save his life. Doing a town hall would have given McCain publicity and Obama didn’t need to do that. Now that the polls are closer (even though they don’t mean much, regardless of who is on top), Obama and his followers are definitely looking forward to the debates.

    You’ll see one person who has no clue how to fix our problems, presents no new ideas, relies on being a “war hero” as his primary qualification for the presidency, and is completely out of touch with average Americans. John McCain is simply unfit to be President, and even a ton of conservatives feel the same way. Obama, on the other hand, won’t be able to solve all the worlds problems, but he will provide a much better chance than McCain. Plus, when they are side by side, you’ll see such a difference in beliefs, policies, personalities, and appearance that Obama will look much better by comparison.

    We look forward to it, and hopefully you’ll stick around the blog too. But only if you get your facts right. LOL @ claiming McCain isn’t physically capable of typing. Wow.

  7. djnphared says:

    “if you think the debate[s] are going to help him then you really have no clue”

    Funny, I was just thinking that same thing about John McCain

    And on the topic of e-mail, if it isn’t so important, then why would Sarah Palin and her staff go out of their way to use Yahoo! accounts to conduct official government business rather than the issued state government email addresses? It couldn’t possibly be because those e-mail accounts would not be subject to an automatic subpoena in a investigation of misconduct, could it??

    gov.sarah@yahoo.com, drop her a line and see what SHE thinks about using email in positions of power, maybe you can look for her on Facebook or MySpace while you’re at it

  8. Jin Stylez says:

    # Hyphen Says:
    September 13th, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    if we lose, i’m just fleeing the country. won’t happen though, let’s do this!

    ^^^LMFAO True that i was thinking the same im with u

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