Common Market – Trouble Is (video)

(look at Grynch gettin’ his cameo on…well done sir!)

Brand new video from some of the finest local talent here in Seattle, RA Scion & Sabzi, collectively known as Common Market.  I’ll let them describe the visuals:

”Trouble Is” tells the story of a vagrant farmer’s hardship in a town where the locals call into question his intentions and work ethic. The video captures this tension with unmistakably rustin and southern imagery as the first scene opens with a fiery sermon delivered from the pulpit of a dusty Baptist church.  The farmer, played by the emcee RA Scion, is aggressively pursued by a town mob, first driven out of town over distrust and distaste, then back again for the purpose of assimilation by force.  The video takes a curious turn in the final scene, ultimately leaving the viewer in the position of the town-folk to question the farmer’s motivation.

Shout to Zia Mohajerjasbi, who continues to direct excellent pieces.  If you missed RA on Sound Session a few weeks ago, peep it here.

Seattle people: catch CM along with People Under The Stairs and Shawn Jackson on Sunday at King Cobra.  And cop that Tobacco Road asap’ers.

Video courtesy of OnSmash.  **UPDATE** – Added the full video.  Thanks to reader Shale for the heads up.

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  1. Shale says:

    Per the groups site – their full video wasnt released on MTVu – but they released it today. FYI its better.

  2. Hyphen says:

    Oh word up, thanks man

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