Chris Rock on Real Time with Bill Maher

Gotta love that ‘related videos’ feature on YouTube, right?  As long as we’re posting up recent Chris Rock videos, here’s his appearance on Bill Maher’s Real Time after last night’s debate.  He reuses a few of the jokes from Larry King, but there’s still some great new stuff in there.  Chris is always hilarious and on point as well.

Everyone’s asking where Sarah Palin is after this debate (answer: stowed safely away in Area 51), but I want to know where Dave Chappelle is.  I would love to hear his take on all this.

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  1. mike says:

    This is a great site……music, politics & comedy…like a hipper version of HuffingtonPost…..just gimme what I need without my having to look all over the web for it. Thanks.

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