CNN’s Jack Cafferty joins in on the ethering

(hahahaha @ Couric’s ice grill like “you are setting us back with every word you utter”)

Wow.  Tell ’em why you mad, son.  Old white guy ether is the best.

It’s been fascinating to watch how quickly the Palin effect turned negative, and rightly so.  Regardless of what side of the policy debates you fall on, she’s clearly an awful VP candidate and was solely picked to try to throw a wrinkle into the race.  From day one, even the other Republicans were salty about this and now that the initial “OMG HE PICKED A WOMAN” buzz has died, she’s killing McCain’s campaign every time she opens her mouth.

LOL @ that answer in the Couric interview.  Paul Krugman hit it on the head: it sounded like a college freshman who showed up to class without doing any of the reading.  “Totally incoherent.”

The scariest part about all this is that McCain’s entire mantra of “Country First” was drop-kicked out the window by making this selection.  They knew the only chance they had in the election was to play the gender wildcard, and it shows how reckless a campaign he’s running.  This is a 72 year old, four time cancer survivor…and he picked THIS?  [Nappy Roots] Aw hell naw [/Nappy].

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3 Responses to “CNN’s Jack Cafferty joins in on the ethering”

  1. I have to admit that I have never, in my life, seen such a “farce of an election campaign” – The U.S.A. has always been touted as being the “greatest country in the world” I would respectfully now say that it has totally lost that title. How anyone, in their right mind, could even think of bringing in Palin to be elected as Vice President of the States I do not know. Even more concerning is that the person running for the Presidency is 72 years old and his health and age points to the fact that ,if he was elected, he would not be in that position for too long. To what extremes will this man go to get into the White House??? I find that it is very frightening.

    You have a young man who is intelligent and has all the attributes to make a great President, the only factor against him seems to be the colour of his skin.

    People of America smarten up and start thinking of not only the future of your life and children but also the future of other countries. When a country such as America makes the wrong decision, and mark my words McCain would be the wrong decision, then the world suffers.

  2. yelda says:

    Have you seen the Sarah Palin Quote Generator? It’s pretty scary.

  3. Hyphen says:

    Well said Joan. If Obama loses this election, it’ll be truly disheartening and will pretty much seal the fate of the US. We can’t afford it.

    Yelda, that’s hilarious…those quotes sound just like the nonsense she spews hahaha

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