McCain was wrong. and wrong. and wrong again. and once more.

Blaow, how ya like me now?

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2 Responses to “McCain was wrong. and wrong. and wrong again. and once more.”

  1. Blake says:

    Hindsight is 20/20. Barack, you’re so smart!

  2. Hyphen says:


    that’s why Barack said all his beliefs at the time. and he was right.

    It’s not like Obama didn’t say anything and then came out the woodwork as a Monday morning quarterback…dude voiced all his reasons for opposing the war at the time.

    and yeah, he is smart. Ridiculously smart. Which is another reason why I support him. I genuinely don’t think John McCain is smarter than most college grads. He has more topical knowledge than we do (especially in politics), but he’s not a brilliant dude. 894th in a class of 899 in the Navy. Ouch. Meanwhile, Barack was killin it in the toughest academic institutions in the nation. I’m rolling with the genius who shares many of my beliefs.

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