Wack Lyric of the Day, 9-29-08 & 9-30-08


Lil’ Wayne’s WLotD month is wrapping up with this entry, so I thought I’d double up with a lyric for yesterday since I forgot to post one.  So here are two to end it officially:

“And when I smile, it look like a bag of coke/
I gets high, I’m twisted like a bag of ropes”
–Lil’ Wayne, “Whip Game Proper”


“I’m on top of my green like a lawn chair/
Don’t worry, I’m straight like arm hair/
Don’t worry, I’m straight like combed hair”
–Lil’ Wayne, “Never Get It”

I would say that I’d miss Wayne for these posts, but I’m sure he’ll be back soon enough.

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9 Responses to “Wack Lyric of the Day, 9-29-08 & 9-30-08”

  1. SB says:

    And tell the jackboys not tonight
    and i’m not N’Sync but i will pop tonight
    -Never Get It

    Never get it back yea thats my word
    Bling Bling in the dictionary yea thats my word
    – Never Get It

    plus the line you posted was coo from that song

    And I aint jokin so dont be lookin for punchlines- Pray To The Lord (the whole song is dope actually)

    so like Diddy, take that (the irony of ending this post with a wack Weezy line haha)

  2. Hyphen says:

    jesus. both those lines are wack. if you really think those are dope, we’re just gonna see things differently man.

    pop like N’Sync? that’s dope? wtffffffffffff.

  3. SB says:

    LOL shut up! if was coo, i mean he makes wack shit sound decent

    the second line, i think its more of HOW he says it that makes it dope.

    mannnnn, he serves his purpose in hip hop imo. not everything needs to be Lupe-complex or ATCQ essence, shit have some fun! YULLLLLLEEEEE

  4. Hyphen says:

    hahah, i do man…there’s a bunch of random, empty stuff that I enjoy. I’m just pointing out some wackness here and there…some of which I even enjoy (Kanye’s “man, killing is some wack shit” line is a good example…that’s classically awful).

  5. SB says:

    WTF Hyph lol, thats an awful line? what followed was classic tho “..oh i forgot unless ppl are rappin, do you even know how it feels when ppl is passin?”

    i’m confused on what can be simple and dope haha

  6. Hyphen says:

    hahaha, it’s really not that serious man. A line like “killing is some wack shit” is wack because it’s such an absurdly simple statement. Like “dying sucks.” Oh word? thanks for the heads up.

    That doesn’t mean the line, verse, or song isn’t great though. In this case, Kanye’s just hilarious by spitting some mad obvious line in the middle of his verse. It’s wack…and dope. This isn’t a science, so don’t take ish so literal and just like what you like, and I’ll keep calling out stuff I think is wack.

  7. SB says:

    haha please believe aint no one is taking nothing serious over here.

    but my defense for that line is that hip hop seems to glorify murder (can’t deny that) so although it may seem semple to some, its not too all.

    theres a lot of dumb niggas, dont give the public too much credit lol

  8. dawson says:

    lol hyphen says this stuff is wack and he’s a fan of u-n-i.

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