Common ft. Pharrell – Universal Mind Control (video)

It’s 3 in the morning and I just got home after being out of the house from 8am on.  So in other other words, I’m damn tired.  Despite that, I saw this clip earlier today and wanted to make sure to post it up before I crash.  I’ve been waiting for the “U.M.C.” video for a minute and it’s finally here.  Enjoy the freshness…

Video courtesy of OnSmash.

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2 Responses to “Common ft. Pharrell – Universal Mind Control (video)”

  1. Taybot says:

    This is a dope video and I love the song but why does Common look like he’s about to fall asleep when he’s spitting parts of these verses? At like 2:44 I think he checks his watch. He looks mad bored during some parts, that robot is a dope hypeman tho if I had a hypeman like that I guess I could chill too.

  2. Hyphen says:

    ahahahah i never even noticed that. I can see it

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