Yes We Did

I’ve been real sick lately, but also real inspired.  I hope to blog more in the days to come, but right now work is piling up and headaches are killing me.

But guess what?

We did it.

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5 Responses to “Yes We Did”

  1. Gedi says:

    Historic night hyphen! His speech last night was incredible; I felt that shit (pause)! I’m really glad people showed up the polls and got him in. Even here in Toronto, we could feel it. As black man, I never thought I’d see a black president in my lifetime. It’s crazy watching history unfold like that.

    The number (4);
    – Obama becomes the 44th president
    – First African-American president wins election on November 4th,
    – Robert Kennedy predicted it exactly 40 years ago…

    44 fours (c) Hov

    I think its dope that all the volunteering you did for his campaign paid off in the end.

    Its a new day, get well man.


  2. Druuuu says:

    ^ agreed. 4 is also my favorite number (hence the four “u”‘s in my handle)

    Obama’s going to be a world leader and will inspire everyone to do work.


  3. thegodfif says:

    never was a doubt, that feeling u can’t describe is change, some fear it and some welcome it…welcome to a new day, our voice is getting louder and more intelligent each day, don’t silence it


    hyphen hands down this is my favorite blog – no nonsense, dope music, and real insight

    the world needs to recognize seattle is a force, thanks for building on obama’s inspiration

  4. tracy says:

    sorry your sick buddy.. get better soon ok!
    i have to say.. if it weren’t for you.. i dont think i would have even thought about voting for Obama.. with all that you and i have talked about with him and his issues.. and not to mention a few short jabs at McCain as well.. i would have been an uninformed voter.. you pushed his beliefs and his word with your support and work with his campaign this summer.. i’m glad that you did! Thanks again! HE is the change that we need in this world and this nation!

  5. Hyphen says:

    ^^Thanks Tracy :). I’m sure you would have come around and supported him without my campaigning, but I’m glad I was able to help convince you. Remember that Barack can’t do it alone…he needs all of us to really push to make this a better world. The crazy part is that we can actually do it!

    To godfif, I appreciate it man, very much. Hope you continue to enjoy the site!

    To all: Yo, I’m still so excited/inspired/motivated/hopeful because of this whole event. We all literally changed the world. History was re-written. This is incredible

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