Fashawn ft. Evidence – Our Way (video)

Damn, I like everything about this video:

  • Dope rhymes from Fashawn and Ev.
  • NorCal connecting with SoCal.
  • Exile killing the beat.
  • The homies U-N-I getting some cameo love.
  • The message.
  • The visuals.

Be on the lookout for Fashawn’s debut album, Boy Meets World, in spring of next year.  “Our Way” is the first peek off the project and judging by the quality here and on Fashawn’s One Shot, One Kill mixtape, you already know it’s gonna be fresh.

Cali’s on fire right now, but they also completely dropped the ball on the Prop. 8 ballot initiative banning gay marriage this past week.  With statistics showing that nearly 70% of black and hispanic voters supported the ban, it’s incredibly disheartening to see people vote for equality and discrimination in one fell swoop.  Hip-hop helped Obama win California (as if he needed any assistance), and then helped propagate homophobia and hatred.  Fail.

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5 Responses to “Fashawn ft. Evidence – Our Way (video)”

  1. drew says:

    well said Hyphen, it’s a real shame people seem unwilling to distinguish between these forms of discrimination. LGBT equality is a civil rights issue and should be recognised as one. much respect to Coretta Scott King (RIP) who helped articulate this and associate gay rights with the historic civil rights movement

  2. Hyphen says:

    yeah, it’s really disheartening. Wish we were as progressive as y’all are down in AU.

    Those shirts are dope! *blogs*

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