Robin van Persie > you

Yeah, it was offsides, but that finish was still ill.  Plus, we all know Robin hates his right foot, so that makes it even doper.  And “le double” on his more familiar left:

If the Gunners can play the mid-table teams the way they played Chelsea and Manchester United, this could be an incredible 4 team EPL title race.  RvP’s the man.  Shout to the homey Didier though…when he gets back in form, Chelsea should be the favorite.

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12 Responses to “Robin van Persie > you”

  1. Jason says:


  2. Hyphen says:

    hahaha, yeah it was cheap, no doubt about it. I’m actually a fan of watching all of the ‘big 4’ play, though I must admit, RvP, Cesc, and Clichy are 3 of my favorite players out there. I was pulling for them today cause I want this race to go down to the wire.

  3. Dave Smith says:

    Yeah Arsenal are going the right way at last, there was a goal disallowed last time these guys played as well so it’s all good.

  4. smokeYYY says:

    They’re defying the football laws of physics. How is it possible to beat the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea & Real Madrid (pre-season) but lose to Hull, Aston Villa, Fulham, Stoke & Manchester City? Not to mention; a lucky draw against Sunderland. Meh. Anyhow, Barca sit atop of things cross-borders, so it’s all good.

    P.S. RVP < Barca.

  5. Hyphen says:

    hahah, that’s probably true…Barca’s looking good right now. The round of 16 in the CL should be great.

  6. Bfried says:

    Fuck Barca. La Liga is shit compared to the EPL. Anyways Arsenal is so young. I can’t imagine their season being any less up and down than it has been so far. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect the Gunners to finish anywhere above 4th in the tables at the end of the season.

  7. Hyphen says:

    ahahah, i love it, some footy trash talk. good stuff.

    I definitely prefer EPL to La Liga, but a lot of that is cause my Fox Soccer Channel carries the EPL games. I don’t get to watch nearly enough La Liga unfortunately. When they go head to head in CL, it seems like the EPL has been coming out on top recently.

    I agree that Arsenal is just too inconsistent to maintain that quality all year. Now that they’re in a whole, they can’t just play up to their potential against the big teams…they have to carry it all season and avoid too many more slip ups. I think they’ll end up dropping a solid amount of points as the season progresses. They really need help defensively…it’s too shaky back there right now.

    When the hell is Rosicky coming back too? And shouldn’t Eduardo be back soon? He may not be the same player though, but at least he’ll be an extra body while Walcott’s out.

  8. smokeYYY says:

    Who said anything about comparing leagues? Barca is the best team in the world right now.

  9. Dave Smith says:

    Yeah and with Lverpool going back top yesterday I think it’s gonna be the closest season in a while (well between 3 teams at least.) Arsenal are settling down after a rough period a few weeks ago so should be able to compete with the other 3. Good possibility of silverware this season too.

  10. Vatkeezy says:

    Haha it was so offside! Scolari’s post-game interview was hilarious with his incredulous reaction “You know I never say one thing about referees until now… I think they made a big mistake”. EPL is dope but don’t sleep on La Liga (Real Madrib, Barca, Valencia, Sevilla, Villareal, Athletico Mardid are all good teams to watch).

  11. Hyphen says:

    Yeah, I can’t wait to see the round of 16 in Champion’s League. The EPL/La Liga match ups should be great

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