It’s here…it’s here…it’s here…it’s here – Com

cop it!

Ha, word to my first post.  But yeah, Invincible Summer Universal Mind Control is finally here and set to hit stores a week from today on the 9th.  Fresh.  If you’re on top of things, you can even cop it from Zune for 99 cents on release day.

If you missed my last interview with Common from Sound Session in September, peep game.  Also, we’re going to have a special event with Com down at KUBE on the 13th.  If you’re in Seattle and want a chance to attend the listening party for this album, click here for info on how to win.

We’ll also be interviewing him again during the party, so if you have something you want me to ask, drop a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

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5 Responses to “It’s here…it’s here…it’s here…it’s here – Com”

  1. Clif Soulo says:

    who came up with the concept for the cover?

  2. Hyphen says:

    Probably Com. It plays off the whole ‘retro’ sound idea that’s on “Universal Mind Control”…artwork is fresh

  3. Druuuu says:

    i was about to say. the letterman jacket can only pulled off by a couple of folk

  4. ejsteeler says:


    Just curious if you were at the Wu concert on Monday and if so, if you knew what was up with their criminal non-use of Ghostface? He only did his verse on Triumph, I believe, and spent the rest of show standing in the corner. U-God got more shine than him!

  5. Hyphen says:

    Damn, nah I didn’t go. That’s crazy though…I always sense like there’s shaky ground in between certain members of the Wu, but seeing U-God rapping more than Ghost at a show would drive me crazy. That’s not good on any level.

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