B.o.B. – Autotune

(word to the Gorillaz poster in the studio)


Bobby Ray just ethered half the industry with this one, Wayne especially.  I’m sure he’ll have to be PC and downplay any controversy as just jokes, but remember: [Ms. Fischer] behind every joke is a little bit of truth [3rd grade teacher].  Glad someone dope in the industry isn’t afraid to say it…

Look out for B.o.B., Playboy Tre, and B-Rich on Sound Session soon.

B.o.B. – “Autotune”

Mp3 courtesy of Eskay.

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5 Responses to “B.o.B. – Autotune”

  1. dawson says:

    hahaha that’s classic

  2. kyle ridings says:

    lmao i usually h8 ti affiliated rappers but this good shit. and b-rich from b-more?

  3. Hyphen says:

    nah, B-Rich is B.o.B.’s manager. different dude

  4. kyle ridings says:

    ahh damn love b-rich from balt. u gotta get him on ur show

  5. […] talented, but he’s also a real cool dude.  You all saw a glimpse of that in the “Autotune” video, but I got to see it firsthand when B.o.B., Playboy Tre, and their manager B. Rich […]

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