Who throws a shoe? Honestly?

Ok, I stole that headline from TMZ, but damn if that isn’t perfect.  HAHAHAHAHA @ this.  First of all, the shoe assault is classic…not one, but both!  Secondly, impressive reflexes from George on that first projectile.  Thirdly, where was the Secret Service?  We protect our Prez from gun shots, but we’re powerless against shoes?

Man…I reeeeeeally wish one of the shoes just clocked dude hahahah.  This is funny enough though.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Bush Presidency!

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3 Responses to “Who throws a shoe? Honestly?”

  1. DrewDown says:

    Bush has been goofing around the last couple days though. Went to an Army/Navy football game and kicked a football while he was walking on the field, lol. “What are you, NINE!!??!” (c) John Stewart

  2. Clif Soulo says:

    If this doesn’t sum up what the world thinks of Bush, i don’t know what does! I have been blessed to tell my daughter that yeah, we elected a Black Prez, but i actually saw a man throw shoes at our president!! hahaha

  3. Gedi says:

    That shit was hilarious Hyphen!

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