Kooley High – Kooley Is High (mixtape)

One of my favorite crews out, Kooley High, just dropped this brand new mixtape in conjunction with K-Salaam and IllRoots.com.  Listening to this group reminds me of the good ol’ days in college when I discovered their North Carolina predecessors, Little Brother & TheThyrDay.  Just dope, genuine hip-hop from the soul by some cool ass folks…the exact kind of hip-hop that I love listening to.  You can’t beat it.  Shout to the whole Kooley fam – Charlie Smarts, Rapsody, Foolery, Tab-One, Sinopsis, & Digitz…

1. Intro(ducing)
2. Gettin’ Up (Remix)
3. Daykeeper (Kooley High Remix)
4. Phonte’s Movie in a Minute
5. Stay Up (Young N’ Fresh Remix) feat. HaLo
6. Flow Glow (Kooley High Remix)
7. I’m Fresh (Remix)
8. Due Process (Kooley High Remix)
9. G Building (Foolery Koolery High Remix)
10. Bodega (HaLo Remix)
11. Jacques Cousteau
12. Kooley is High
13. Soldier (Kooley High Remix)
14. Rude Bwoy
15. The Next Episode (Foolery’s Fooldogg Remix)
16. Trix (1983 Kooley High Remix)
17. The Light (Outro)
18. Worldwide (BONUS TRACK)

Download here.

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4 Responses to “Kooley High – Kooley Is High (mixtape)”

  1. drew says:

    these guys are fucking sick, i loved the EP from last year
    can’t wait to blast this on my way to work tomorrow

  2. Cathy says:

    Thanks much!

  3. Hyphen says:

    no doubt, glad y’all dig em. Definitely make sure you peep that “Summer Sessions” EP from last year. Great stuff

  4. […] visuals for the title track off their recent mixtape.  If you haven’t peeped the tape yet, grab it here and stop sleepin… Tags: becauseus, charlie smarts, dela, digitz, foolery, kooley high, kooley […]

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