Common Market – Escaping Arkham (video)

Off the brand new Common Market digital release, Winter’s End EP, here’s the MTVu debut of RA Scion & Sabzi’s “Escaping Arkham.”  With Zia at the directorial helm, you already know the visuals are going to be flawless.  He’s really one of the most underrated directors in the game nationally…it won’t be long until people are flying him all around the country to do their videos.

Sidenote:  mobbing down to SXSW with a lot of Seattle folks, RA and Sabzi included, was one of my highlights of last week.  We have a ton of talent in the town and if you aren’t aware, you’re sleeping.  Plus, everyone is cool as hell…

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2 Responses to “Common Market – Escaping Arkham (video)”

  1. B Rad says:

    Yo anybody got the mp3 for this? He just KILLS it, and its now getting some spins on MTVu, which hopefully will blow him up. Great artist, great sound

  2. Hyphen says:

    Glad you like it man…the mp3 is available on iTunes with the EP…definitely worth a few bucks!

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