Asher Roth x Peter Parker x Freestyle x Flip Cup

Big shout to Peter Parker at B96 in Minneapolis (one of the few DJ’s at a big station riding out for good music like we do on Sound Session) for shooting this over and for shouting out the site during the interview.  Glad you enjoy the bloggy blogg homey!

I hope everyone is ready for a month full of seeing Asher everywhere.  With Asleep In The Bread Aisle dropping on 4-20, he’s going to get a lot of press in the coming weeks and it’s really all deserved.  Dude is a dope MC and a cool ass dude, so those with the unnecessary hate can [Jay-Z] go thaaaaataway [/Hov].  Be sure to head on over to on Tuesday the 7th to cop an exclusive mixtape from Asher and Peter, and if you missed his appearance on SNSS a few weeks ago, click here.

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3 Responses to “Asher Roth x Peter Parker x Freestyle x Flip Cup”

  1. Confusion says:

    Was just gonna send you this in case you didnt see. Nice! Peace from Pigeons and Planes.

  2. DrewDown says:

    holy cow. that acapella was kinda crazy.

  3. Sneakrhed says:

    I just cant take this dude seriously no matter what, he just sounds way too much like Em.

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