DJ Hyphen & J. Moore – Northwest Fresh (mixtape)

Regular listeners of Sunday Night Sound Session probably remember that a few weeks ago, J and I gave out a bunch of these Northwest Fresh mixtapes on the air.  Since we’ve already handed out more than a thousand of ’em in the Seattle streets at various KUBE events,  it’s time to post up and blast it out officially to the net.

Truth be told, it’s past time, as this collection has been finished for months.  So that said, the music on here isn’t necessarily that new, but it’s still dope and it’s a good collection of artists that are making some great hip-hop and R&B here in the Seattle area.  If you’re up on the town bidness, you’ve probably heard all these tracks.  If not, you can take this as a good introduction to one of the most slept on scenes in the country.  Shout to Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound for sponsoring the project.

Download here.

(back up link – )

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10 Responses to “DJ Hyphen & J. Moore – Northwest Fresh (mixtape)”

  1. coreybe says:

    Mediafire link don’t seem to be working. Can we get a re-up?

  2. Hyphen says:

    hmm…link just worked for me. What error is it giving you?

    When I get home tonight, I’ll make a Sharebee link as a back up.

  3. coreybe says:

    Hm, looks like all systems go now. Thanks for the response, though. And the mixtape.

  4. D-dubU says:

    This thing is nice. I think this region is about to really blow. What’s up with the “Home” video? I saw the teaser photos a while back. Looking forward to that

  5. Macko says:

    That Jake One” Home” track is bananas!!! easily the best of 08.

  6. Hyphen says:

    Glad y’all diggin it…we definitely have a great scene here.

    Dub, the “home” video is dropping very soon…gonna be great

  7. daws says:

    framework’s so good at rap doing.

  8. Jay ulavale says:

    Hey y’all know any upcoming rap battles in Seattle kall me at 2063273821 ask for jay thanks y’all

  9. Stu says:

    Yo where can I get a hard copy of this??? I know I’m getting here hella late but I downloaded it and love it, I just want the official hard copy, not just a burnt disc..


  10. Hyphen says:

    email me and i can hook you up –

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