Thank you Cassie, Thank you internet

Nah, I’m not gonna post ’em, cause I do try to keep this blog PG-13 for the kids, but I know we’ve all seen Cassie’s pics by now.  And I know we all approve.

They did remind me of this original version of the “Me & U” video though, which for the longest time I thought had been stricken from the internet.  Apparently they decided to make a video that reflected the blatant message in the song and only later realized this was a more sexual first look than they wanted for her career.  Little did they know, this is tame as of yesterday.  Besides, in this digital age, nothing on the net is ever really gone.

Sidenote, how cool is it that wifey was the one who tracked this down for me hahah…keeper!

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3 Responses to “Thank you Cassie, Thank you internet”

  1. DrewDown says:

    I’ve never seen this video before. lol. THAT GOES EXACTLY with the understood meaning of the song. Sometimes you gotta wonder like did that really get past everyone at the label and nooooobody says anything? lol.

    What’s crazier is the rihanna pics leaking the very next day. It’s like damn… is this a competition?

  2. Hyphen says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely not a coincidence. I think one person is responsible for both and there are rumors that there are more photos on deck to leak. I can’t wait hahaha

  3. A*MAZE says:

    HAHAHAH YES!!!!!!!! the Information Superhighway has finally paid off!

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