Drake – November 18th (live in Houston)

Ok, granted that he’s performing his H-Town anthem in H-Town (one of my former residences by the way), but it’s crazy how Drake doesn’t even need to rap/sing any of his lyrics already.  These fans know every single word and just like the last time, this same phenomenon plays out every single night he performs.  Every time I play this joint on SNSS we get immediate calls on it and folks even email later asking what it was.  It’ll be crazy to see how big (pause) Drizzy is by the end of the year.

Swiped from H.E.R.

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2 Responses to “Drake – November 18th (live in Houston)”

  1. mack says:

    i had to steal this from you hyphen…http://www.bengalyucky.com. thanks

  2. Hyphen says:

    man, that’s still the craziest ish hahaha. That collab woulda been huge!

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