Drake – Say You Will Freestyle (live in Toronto)

This dude is freaking killing it.  Nice shot at the folks who took issue with his use of the Blackberry on the Funk Flex freestyle video.  Anyway, whoever brings him to the Northwest first will get major props.  Promoters, festivals, radio stations…hmmm…who will it be?

Courtesy of NahRight.

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2 Responses to “Drake – Say You Will Freestyle (live in Toronto)”

  1. Lucas says:

    I like how he transitioned into “Say What’s Real,” which is really real. It’s interesting, YouTube/Twitter/etc. didn’t exist for 50 and Jeezy’s movements, so all the pandamonium we saw was after the fact (DVDs, MTV, etc) but with Drake, even tho his movement is internet/ladies/hip-hop fans and not the streets, its very similar in that you see whole crowds around the country reciting a mixtape word-for-word, much like what happened for 50 and Jeezy. Mixtape rappers turned platinum stars – 50, Jeezy, and… Drake? We’ll see.

  2. Hyphen says:

    Yeah man, I think Drake is definitely on his way to being a top star. The movement is just like those previous ones you mentioned, with the advantage of Web 2.0. It’s a win/win

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