Cassie ft. Diddy – Must Be Love (video)

Suspect voice…naked pics on the net…dating Diddy…half her head shaved…I don’t even care, I love this woman.  And to be honest, I actually do like this song.  The beat is on some underground hip-hop ish or maybe something that Nas woulda told a crazy story over in the late 90’s.  I’d rather hear this on the airwaves than most other pop-R&B singles these days, but it doesn’t look like it’s catching on too well.

Cassie ft. Diddy – “Must Be Love”

Perhaps she’ll hit with the second single.  Either way, Diddy knew exactly what he was doing when he signed her.  Well played sir.

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  1. Taybot says:

    this song is great. even diddy killed that shit. cassie’s fine, the beat is crackin

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