The Knux tear down Bonnaroo

ahahahahahaah aw man, look at the homies Krispy and Al!  The Knux made one of the least diverse crowds I’ve ever seen go absolutely crazy at the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee this weekend.  LOL @ the irony of ending with Dead Prez’ “Hip-Hop”…I love it.

Seattle people: Be sure to come check out the Knux at Bumbershoot this year, where they’ll be opening up for the Black Eyed Peas on the mainstage.  Shout to Krispy, Al, Josh, and the whole crew.  See y’all soon fellas.

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9 Responses to “The Knux tear down Bonnaroo”

  1. Josh Gentry says:

    this is dope. have you seen mos def’s performance of “Quiet Dog” on letterman?

    i can’t believe you haven’t talked about mos def’s new album. i mean, i love the knux, but i don’t know where else to post this.

  2. Hyphen says:

    I didn’t see Mos on Letterman, nah…was it dope?

    We put “Quiet Dog” on our Cornerstone Mixtape and I played “Auditorium” with Slick Rick on my show last week (and will again tonight)…so I’m definitely up on Mos’ album. It’s no “Black On Both Sides” but it’s good

  3. dart parker says:

    Oh ya! The KNUX!

  4. Josh Gentry says:

    yeah, yeah, it is sick. if you get a chance to check it out, definitely worth it. and i should apologize ‘cuz i haven’t been keeping up with sunday night sound session lately, so i didn’t know if you had played any new mos stuff or not.

    and it’s gonna be hard for mos to make anything on par with black on both sides. ‘le classic.

  5. Shermz says:

    Wish I was there. The KNUX are DOPE!! Put on a great live show, too.

  6. frank l says:

    the knux put on a wild show at bonaroo

  7. I WAS THERE!! ON STAGE GOT PULLED UP BY AL AFTER I FELL OVER THE RAIL AN BUSTED AZZ WHAT A GUY! GOT TO MEET ALL O THEM AND GOT TO SAY there all regular kick ass people like us. glad taht everyone who made it out did! look for me on facebook, tyler from tullahoma tn

  8. keeyz says:

    loveeeeeee the knux, tried so hard to get tix cuz i heard they kick ass live

  9. Ron says:

    Great video. I can only imagine how crazy the crowd is at something like Bonnaroo. Hopefully I’ll catch a glimpse of the Bonnaroo scene on tv this weekend. FuseTv is showing the Best of Bonnaroo acts ..not sure if the knux is on there, but I know Bruce, Coheed, Beastie Boys, Snoop, and some others’ performances are going to be shown. lineup sounds good to me!

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