Braille & S1 – Skepticold (video)

In case you’ve been sleeping, Braille & S1 recorded an album together called CloudNineteen and they just dropped the video for “Skepticold” today.  Not only is the album one of the best of the year, but it’s also serving a much greater purpose than mere entertainment.

As I mentioned a while back, they plan on giving away 30K CD’s at their shows, many to at-risk youth who desperately need some positive hip-hop in their lives.  Along with dropping off the video, Braille gave us an update on the project:

So far they have manufactured 15,000 copies and given away over 8,000.  With many events already booked for the summer, they anticipate reaching the half way mark within the next two months.  For more info check out and

I can’t speak highly enough of Braille’s dedication and work ethic to use his gifts in a positive way.  It’s truly inspiring and everytime I get annoyed by the foolishness in this industry (*cough* Jeezy vs. Gucci *cough*), I think of folks like Braille and remember what I love about this culture.

Plus…the dude can flat out rap his ass off:

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2 Responses to “Braille & S1 – Skepticold (video)”

  1. drew says:

    “Plus…the dude can flat out rap his ass off”
    amen, Braille’s got mad flows and lyrics
    been loving dude’s music since Shades of Gray

  2. Chris says:

    Completely agree about the Jeezy & Gucci and all the other bs assholes that simply keep their music stagnant and have no positive influence to change the issues that plague us all.

    Keep lyricism alive.

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