Red Bull Big Tune viewing & listening party

People around the 206 know that I’m notorious for not going to many shows, but I may have to make an appearance this Wednesday at the Vera Project (in Seattle Center, right next to Key Arena).  As J. Moore, Jake One, Vitamin D, DV-One, and Markus do in every city that Big Tune hits, the entire week is filled with great events for the public and for the participants.  Since Seattle is the home of the event, you already know that we’ve got some dope stuff going on before this Friday’s battle at the War Room.

Case in point, hit up the Vera on Wednesday for a free show from The Physics, J. Pinder, and Spaceman, along with an exclusive video documenting the collaboration between last year’s Big Tune winner, C-Sick, and the legendary Nas.  See y’all there.

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2 Responses to “Red Bull Big Tune viewing & listening party”

  1. Colonial Army says:

    College roommate’s in town from DC and we will be hitting this, the Big Tune event itself and the Saturday Knights show at the EMP on Saturday. Gotta give him a little taste of the town. Though the guy is pretty up on Seattle artists after living with me for over three years…

  2. Hyphen says:

    Hell yeah man…I’m geeked for the Big Tune tonight…

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