Drake ft. Trey Songz – Successful (video)

After weeks of teaser pics, behind the scenes vignettes, sneak previews (and sneak previews of sneak previews), the long awaited follow up to Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” video has finally hit the net.

First off, I prefer the mixtape version of this song from So Far Gone (minus Weezy’s completely unnecessary appearance) rather than this edit with an added verse from Trey Songz.  Plus the hook just doesn’t catch the same without hearing “the hoooooooes.”  Why is “hoes” even edited?  That’s not a bad word at all.  “Hoes.”  See?  No censor.  Thank you Don Imus.

Aside from the [Ludacris] HOErrible [/Luda] censorship, visually, I think the video is pretty much spot on.  If there was one iota of sunshine in this clip, I would have been livid.  The beat, melody, subject matter, etc. all combine for a perfect late night soundtrack.  It’s almost too bad the single couldn’t drop later in the year.  This would be ideal for the cold Pacific Northwest winter.

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5 Responses to “Drake ft. Trey Songz – Successful (video)”

  1. yohannes says:

    2 rising stars……
    don’t have 2 worry about success…. good song….

  2. Lucas says:

    “I swear I ain’t asking for much…” I’m disappointed they didn’t use the third verse instead of the second, I felt the third verse did the best job of getting to the point of the track but then again, I’m not their A&R. Video’s dope though and I prefer Songz over Wayne, who continues to devolve into gibberish with each successive new verse. He needs an intervention, stat.

  3. Hyphen says:

    co-sign on all that man, well said

  4. Chris says:

    Drake is so bad as an artist, in my opinion. I didn’t like any of his songs on his album. The video for his hit single…terrible in terms of artistry

  5. Hyphen says:

    Drake is terrible as an artist? wtffffffffffffffff.

    Drake is exactly what I would hope for in a popular rapper. Hands down.

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