Baaba Maal – Television (video)

This is the kind of song/video that makes me want to get away.  I haven’t taken a vacation in ages and it might necessary soon to clear my head and recharge.  There’s only so many emails you can do before you literally start going insane.

Thankfully, songs like this calm everything down…

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3 Responses to “Baaba Maal – Television (video)”

  1. Chris says:

    Hey Hyphen. I feel the same way man. Life just seems to be dumping all at once. I took a day off from university today to just stay home, listen to some Brother Ali (Tempe, Club Red, Oct 22nd yeah!!!!) and just relaxin, letting everything settle in my head before I grab life back by it’s throat and hold it hostage. Stay up man & good luck w/ all the endeavors. Keep SSS goin though; get a good intern!

  2. Yohannes says:

    Lol these west africans make me lagh!! Ha!!

    shows the typical stereo type of africanss…… im glad im from the east side.. were the Ethios and Somali’s are!!!

    we got class

  3. Hyphen says:

    ahaha easy Yohannes…

    thanks Chris…we got a lot of good applicants for the SNSS intern, so I think we’ll find a great addition to the team.

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