Shad ft. Jermiside & Destruments – The Calling (video)

This might be the most beautiful music video I’ve seen in a minute, and I watch a ton at the day job.  I don’t believe Shad and the homies are using this as an official music video, but it would get my vote.  Great stuff.

Grab the EP this track is on right here and NYC folks better not miss Shad’s first performance in the Big Apple:

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8 Responses to “Shad ft. Jermiside & Destruments – The Calling (video)”

  1. g says:

    reeeeee-spect good sir!!

  2. Big Lu says:

    great visuals. the turntables with the light effect are smooth.

  3. Yohannes098 says:

    Ahhhh….. Canadian rap…. lol its nice……..chill beat reminds me of a mix of Cyne and Blue Scholars!! nice….

  4. Chris says:

    Abdominal is another good Canadian lyricist also. I’m upset I didn’t catch him when I was in B.C. on Warped Tour!!!!!!

  5. Chris says:

    Can’t d/l the mixtape unless you become a Premium member of Rapidshare…since when?

  6. Danny Diggs says:

    you cant? that sucks..should be able.. keep trying 😀

    its also on myspace if u want to stream it

  7. Hyphen says:

    What up Danny, thanks for dropping by the site. Great work on this track and on the EP. Looking forward to hearing more.

    and yeah, Chris, you should be able to download it off that rapidshare link…

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