Adrian Peterson ethers William Gay

Shout to Smoking Section for reminding me of this play from the last NFL weekend.  I still remember the first time seeing high school footage of AP and realizing he just ran differently than anyone I had ever seen.  Wow.

Sidenote, I believe “Gay” is one of the “potentially offensive” words that’s banned from being used in customized NFL jerseys.  Laughable really, especially if you’re William and you want to press up some jerseys for your family.  WTF.

That said, pause @ William Gay and “maybe this guy can play both ways” in the same sentence.  Just sayin’.

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2 Responses to “Adrian Peterson ethers William Gay”

  1. Clif Soulo says:

    When I played fball in highschool, and even in college, i’ve seen some monster hits, and vicious “truck” moments, but i’ve never…ever seen something like this. Absolutely disrespects cuzzo as a football player. I felt bad for like 1.2 seconds, then proceeded to run the clip back 10 times.

  2. Hyphen says:

    Exactly. Dude didn’t just truck him…but he runs over him right afterward. Uncouth.

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