Throwback: DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Eric Roberson – Rock Wit U (video)

We used this instrumental on SNSS this week and I realized that a lot of folks out there might not be familiar with the original track.  “Rock Wit U” is off Jeff’s 2002 The Magnificent album and in my opinion, it’s a new school classic.  It’s one of the smoothest joints of the past 10 years and should be on every R&B lover’s top list of the 2000’s, but it’s always been criminally slept on.  I bet most of y’all didn’t even know it had a video, huh?

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One Response to “Throwback: DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Eric Roberson – Rock Wit U (video)”

  1. Curt Mcgirt says:

    Never saw the video but I always liked this song. I remember I was at a Slum Village show in SF when they put out trinity,some dude was handing out samplers of the Jazzy Jeff album. I used to play this shit out until the full length dropped.

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