Sound Session #250 (3-14-10)

This week can really be summed up with two things:

  1. This was our 250th episode of Sound Session, which is actually pretty crazy/impressive when you think about the state of commercial radio these days.  We’re quickly approaching our 5 year anniversary, but 250 overall shows is a great milestone as well.  While we do put a lot of effort into broadcasting SNSS each week, as always, the key to everything is [Jay-Z] you, the customer listener [/Hov].  Thanks to everyone who has ever supported the show and we’re celebrating this with all of y’all.
  2. Speaking of celebrating, 4 letters my friends: SXSW.  That’s right, the annual music/movies/interactive media festival down in Austin, Texas is upon us once again and J. Moore and I will be there in full force.  Actually, it feels like most of Seattle is headed down there, plus at least half of the music industry in general.  Are you going? If so, hit me ( and let’s link up while we’re there.  I would offer some can’t miss events, but really, it’s absolutely absurd how much dopeness will be packed within a 15 block radius.  I hope you’re ready.

Show #250 (3-14-10)

  1. Drake – “Over”
  2. Reflection Eternal – “In This World
  3. Freeway & Jake One ft. Raekwon – “One Thing” (Local Music)
  4. Kendrick Lamar ft. Punch & BJ The Chicago Kid – “Faith”
  5. Little Brother – “Curtain Call”
  6. Co$$ – “Dub Plate”
  7. Toki Wright – “Barber Shop”
  8. U-N-I ft. Bun B – “Land Of The Kings (Remix)”
  9. Dave Coresh – “Keep It Movin’”
  10. M.anifest – “Sankofa (My History)”
  11. Aloe Blacc – “Take Me Back”
  12. SOTA ft. Helladope & Jarv Dee – “Extrahelladope” (Local Music)
  13. J*Davey – “Get Together”
  14. Ayah – “He Don’t Want It”
  15. J. Pinder ft. Big Pooh & Zach Bruce – “Later On”
  16. Lauryn Hill – “Lost Ones” (Throwback of the Week)
  17. Laws – “Hold You Down”
  18. Janelle Monae – “Cold War”
  19. Broken Bells – “The Ghost Inside”

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2 Responses to “Sound Session #250 (3-14-10)”

  1. Chris says:

    none of the links are working, unfortunately.

    On a better note, I just downloaded a bunch of your old episodes & listen to them in the mornings when I have some free time. Your shows from last summer into the fall have been playing recently & the songs tend to speak to me & coincide with things I’m going through now. I was down in the dumps a few days ago, listened to a bunch of songs feelin em all, heard Fear by Drake & cried & now I’m back on my grizzly like a bear skin rug!

    You offer an internship at all? I love music but don’t know the first step to get involved (plus my major in school isn’t remotely related to music or communication (it’s health promotion!))

  2. Hyphen says:

    What up Chris, thanks for all the kind words and I’m glad you’re digging the show. Hit me on the email – – and we can chop it up about the industry and whatnot.

    Oh, and I updated the link so it should work above. Let me know if there are any problems. Thanks dude

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