The Physics – I Just Wanna Beat (video)

I forget which show it was at, but while out and about at the Nectar a while back, I ran in to the homey Thig Natural of the Physics and we started talking about videos.  Since I see more music videos at my day job than you’ve seen in your life, I’m always down to share some of what I’ve learned in the music video industry.  While I can’t take sole credit for sparking this idea, I remember telling Thig that they HAD to do a video for “I Just Wanna Beat,” since it’s a classic record.  Not just a classic NW record.  A classic.

Lo and behold, the crew hooked up with Jon Augustavo and dropped the visuals right in time for the end of the summer.  To bring it full circle, it was filmed in Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington, where I spent many hours of my youth raising havoc while my mom worked in her office there.

Oh, and you’re lyin’ if you can’t relate…IJWB.  Download the High Society EP here.

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3 Responses to “The Physics – I Just Wanna Beat (video)”

  1. Coleena says:

    They’re my favorite! 🙂 I like the handshake joke in this video; can’t wait till the My Place video comes out!

  2. gilbitron3001 says:

    this song and music video are super dope! i’m loving the seattle shit. whats that audio sample at end of the song from?

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