Kanye West – Power & Runaway (Live on SNL)

‘Ye a damn fool!  “Power” is probably my song of the year…no one man should have all that power.

And since I damn sure don’t plan to sit through another horrible SNL tonight just to see his performances, here’s “Runaway” with Pusha T too:

Swiped from IllRoots.

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2 Responses to “Kanye West – Power & Runaway (Live on SNL)”

  1. Coleena says:

    I don’t know if there is any other artist out there that I listen to more. This is apparent by how many ‘Ye songs compared to other artist. Lupe is my favorite for reasons well known, but Kanye is a genius and absolutely is the best. The Salvador Dali of the music industry.

  2. Coleena says:

    *how many ‘Ye songs Moses knows compared to other artists….

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