The Weeknd – House of Balloons (mixtape)

There are certain times when you just have to swear.  When using the “safe” words in the English language just aren’t enough.  When something hits you so right that anything less than vulgarity wouldn’t do it justice.  That’s the feeling I had when I finally got a chance to listen to the new project from mysterious Toronto based singer, The Weeknd.  This shit is sexy as fuck.

And no, the picture of Estella Warren above has nothing to do The Weeknd.  It’s just also sexy as fuck.

Download here.


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7 Responses to “The Weeknd – House of Balloons (mixtape)”

  1. hippie guy says:

    hella good mixtape you all must download it
    download it screwed at the link

  2. Miss mcGuilicutty says:

    Wow…no joke…. Aurgazmik (as in audio-gasms for the eardrums)
    Thank u for the download Mr. Hyphen!

  3. Miss mcGuillicutty says:

    ok, 2nd listen: and…. do yourself a favor, don’t actually LISTEN to the lyrical content, just enjoy the ride!

    I’m pretty sure that one of the choruses has a bar that goes something like this= “…fun, fun, fun, fun”…. that seems familiar XD

    but don’t get me wrong! STILL a GREAT listen!!!!!!

    • Hyphen says:

      hahaha…that’s just the lyrics for the melody in the background on that one record, but I agree that the song writing could be improved here and there. The melodies are flawless though and I think the lyrics are dope for the most part. It works well…good combination for the overall project…

  4. Miss mcGuilicutty says:

    I hear ya…. Chorus/background… Either way, I was really jus gettin my clown on… But meant no disrespect, it IS dope music! & I’m re-playing it to death 🙂

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