David Dallas – Take A Picture (video)

Here are the newest visuals from the homey David Dallas, all the way from New Zealand to NYC. I really like the vibe of this record and the video too, plus…he rapped with a kitten in his hoody. I mean…come on. Epic.

The video was conceived by Special Problems (production company behind Alicia Key’s HP commercial) and sees 7 different directors/animators interpreting 7 parts of the song. Each person was given a segment of the song and access to David Dallas. A few rules were put in place. Each scene was to be shot on a different format: 16mm film, VHS, Stop Motion, 3d Animation, and during the creation of the video, the directors were not allowed to know what each other were doing. The result is a series of beautiful, very different images pieced together to make the video.

Download The Rose Tint if you haven’t already!

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