Rhye – Open (video)

Yesterday I posted Rhye’s “The Fall” but I was put up on “Open” today as well and it’s an amazing record.  The video above is fairly NSFW, but it’s not trashy or anything.  According to the singer in the group, Milosh (a guy…don’t be fooled by the voice), “I hate that music is so debaucherous these days. It’s all overly sexualized in a perverse way. Love is beautiful, and sex is beautiful, and I don’t think those things should be shown in a grotesque way. I’m just attempting to express love and sensuality in a very honest way.”

The video below, where Milosh sings “Open” to his wife in their living room (which appears to be the first time she’s heard the song), speaks directly to that sentiment:

And finally, here’s the Victoria’s Secret ad using this record with Miranda Kerr. Just cause.

Yes please.

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