The Making of The Pharcyde’s “Drop” video

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Wow, great to see this behind the scenes footage unearthed of The Pharcyde and Spike Jonze filming one of the best music videos ever created.  Classic in every sense of the word  Shout to 2DopeBoyz for posting.

And the result:

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Heavy D, Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock, and Q-Tip – Don’t Curse (video)

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RIP Heavy D! I never met Heav, but from all accounts, he was an incredibly positive and amazing person. He was a classic hip-hop icon that could span all sub-genres of the culture to get love from everyone. Don’t just remember the uptempo pop songs and dance moves…dude could rhyme.

He’ll be missed in this industry and worldwide.

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Can we just talk about how sexy this song/video is again?

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Just heard this on Sirius XM on my way home in the new whip and I was reminded at how much I love this record. Sexy and utterly hilarious at the same time. 1:52 – 2:16 FTMFW. #loftmusic

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Throwback: DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Eric Roberson – Rock Wit U (video)

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We used this instrumental on SNSS this week and I realized that a lot of folks out there might not be familiar with the original track.  “Rock Wit U” is off Jeff’s 2002 The Magnificent album and in my opinion, it’s a new school classic.  It’s one of the smoothest joints of the past 10 years and should be on every R&B lover’s top list of the 2000’s, but it’s always been criminally slept on.  I bet most of y’all didn’t even know it had a video, huh?

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Throwback: Sunshine Anderson – Lunch or Dinner

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Sunshine Anderson

I just started the (year long) process of digitizing all my CD’s and I’ve already run into a few older forgotten gems from years past.  Remember this one?

Sunshine Anderson – “Lunch or Dinner”

It was the follow up single to “Heard It All Before,” but didn’t catch on for some reason.  Definitely a nice jawn though.  More random throwbacks to come this year…

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Throwback: K. Slack – broKen AnJel

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K. Slack

Wow, it’s been a minute since I did a Throwback post.  I’ve been meaning to toss up this gem from the homey K. Slack for weeks and I finally got a free minute so here goes.

You may remember Slack from his work alongside J. Gunn and Killa K as part of TheThyrDay, a really dope group from North Carolina.  While they did release one (classic) album, Perfection Xperiment 2, unfortunately they broke up shortly afterwards and moved on to solo projects.  Slack and Gunn have actually linked up recently for a few tracks, so I’m hoping we’ll get to see some sort of 3D reunion, at least between those two.

Before their album came out, Slack posted up a few of his solo tracks on Okayplayer and I remember stumbling upon that post and being blown away.  I think this was fall of 2002 and I was in my first semester of junior year at college.  This track, “broKen AnJel,” was produced by 9th Wonder and Khrysis (the beat is split in two) and it has that vintage Justus League sound.  The market has been flooded with those kind of beats since Little Brother blew up, but I’ll always look back fondly on 9th and Khrysis’ early work.  They definitely inspired a million copycats.

If I remember correctly, Slack wrote this track to his girl at the time and all the lyrics were heartfelt and truthful to the situation he was in.  Part of the reason why I fell in love with the track is that I could apply almost the entire thing to the relationship I was in as well.  “Seasons change, mad things rearrange,” and my girl and I broke up after a few years but I think we always hold on to certain songs because of the memories we attach to ’em.  This is definitely one of those joints for me.

K. Slack – “broKen AnJel”

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He’s alive!

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As much as we all complain about D’Angelo’s disappearance, at least he’s popped up on a few dope collaborations over the years (“So Far To Go” & “Imagine” come to mind).  Maxwell, on the other hand, has laid reeeeeally low.  I spotted this recent live performance of his classic “This Woman’s Work” over at the Smoking Section, and had to post it up.  If for some reason you don’t have the song, download it ASAP:

Maxwell – “This Woman’s Work”

Hint: play this song for any girl born in the 80’s who played basketball growing up and watch what happens.

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Throwback: Boo & Gotti – Think

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Boo & Gotti

I haven’t done one of these Throwback posts in a minute, but I saw The Smoking Section post up Boo & Gotti’s album from 2003, Perfect Timing, and it reminded me of this song.  The album was definitely slept on when it dropped…and for good reason.  That said, “Think” was my jam for a minute.  The lyrics are pretty trite and forgettable, but that was Boo & Gotti’s whole M.O..  The beat is great though, courtesy of Jazze Pha, and it even features the fat man on the hook.  This was back when he was just mildly annoying, as opposed to his almost Khaled-esque level of buffoonery these days.  Check this out if you remember the start of the chipmunk sample renaissance.  I’m still a sucker for sped up vocal samples…

Boo & Gotti ft. Jazze Pha – “Think”

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Wack Lyric of the Day, 7-7-08

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Heard this last night on the ‘slow jams’ program I always check on my way into Sound Session, and I remembered the line that always stood out to me:

“He’s mine/You may have had him once, but I got him all the time”
–Mokenstef, “He’s Mine”

Technically, that’s flawed logic.  If she had him onc — oh, nevermind.  Absolutely classic track from Monifa, Kenya, and Stephanie…I wonder what ever happened to them.  Enjoy the mp3 if you can’t find your copy, and I’m tossing in the remix with Grand Puba as well:

Mokenstef – “He’s Mine”
Mokenstef ft. Grand Puba – “He’s Mine (I Got Him All The Time Remix)”

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Throwback: Soulive ft. Talib Kweli – Bridge To Bama (Hi-Tek Remix)

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While I was digging through the archives to grab that bonus Reks track, I noticed this classic joint by Soulive and thought I’d post it up.  Talib Kweli jumped on one of their tracks in 2002 and Hi-Tek remixed it, creating this ill, but often slept on, Reflection Eternal track.  Peep it.

Soulive ft. Talib Kweli – “Bridge To Bama (Hi-Tek Remix)”

So smooth with it.

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