Sound Session #182 (11-23-08)

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Ever have one of those times where everything is going great, and then something completely random goes wrong and tries to pull you down?  That’s pretty much how my weekend went.  Aside from my 6th grade basketball team crashing out of our tournament with the quickness, everything was busy, but still dope…until I drove in to the station for this week’s Sound Session and my car decided to blow up.  It took all day today to get things back up and running, but I swear, those Prius jawns look better by the minute.

Thankfully, this week’s show provided a little therapy through an hour and a half of good music and good people.  We ran a ton of great tracks and played two short snippets of our recent interview with Talib Kweli.  Be sure to check out the full version of that interview (and watch the video in HD) below.  Also, shout to the homegirl Jessica from Spectre for coming through to kick it!

Show #182 (11-23-08)

  1. Alchemist ft. Evidence, Blu, & Kid Cudi – “Therapy”
  2. Keelay & Zaire ft. Blu, Fortilive, & Nino Moschella – “The Times”
  3. B.o.B. – “Left Field Lovely”
  4. Grynch ft. Geologic (of Blue Scholars) & Thig Natural (of the Physics) – “I’m A Dreamer” (Local Artist)
  5. Q-Tip – “Fever”
  6. Black Milk – “Hold It Down”
  7. Colin Munroe ft. Wale – “Will I Stay (Remix)”
  8. Reef The Lost Cauze – “Home”
  9. Ludacris ft. Nas & Jay-Z – “I Do It For Hip-Hop”
  11. Self Scientific ft. Talib Kweli & the Game – “Everywhere I Go”
  12. Evidence – “Rain Or Shine”
  13. GLC ft. Kanye West – “Big Screen”
  14. Kanye West ft. Mr. Hudson & Kid Cudi – “Paranoid”
  15. Foreign Exchange – “I Wanna Know”
  16. 88 Keys ft. Phonte (of Little Brother) – “Close Call”
  17. Fresh Espresso (Rik Rude & P-Smoov) – “Diamond Pistols” (Local Artist)
  19. Json – “M.O.B.” (Local Artist)
  20. Statik Selektah ft. Jon Hope, Torae, & Sha Stimuli – “Destined To Shine (Obama Mix)”
  21. Now On – “Unwind”
  22. B-Real ft. Young De – “Don’t Ya Dare Laugh”

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Link to download the full interview with Talib Kweli –
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(watch in HD on HyphenTV)

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Travis Barker helps out Busta

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Never been a Blink 182 fan, but their behind the scenes stuff on MTV always made me think they seemed like cool dudes. I remember they renamed fan “meet and greets” as “meet and creeps,” which anyone who has helped run one can definitely relate to. Then again, I also remember seeing some of that awful reality show about Travis Barker’s marriage. So I guess it’s a push.

Anyway, Travis has been “remixing” random hip-hop joints over the last year by playing live drums alongside the track. This one with Busta Rhymes’ “Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On ‘Em)” is the best one by far, mainly because he actually picked a good song to rework. No matter how much you kill the drums on a Soulja Boy track, I still can’t listen to that…

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